A Gift for Gratitude
(Ansari 2014) B052B (Monday Morning Blues x Precious Candy) Tet EMRe Sev 25” scape, 3.75” silvery orchid lavender, lightly veined, distinguished by a “shooting star” of bright white midribs streaking up through a blue lavender eye, sometimes patterned, outlined magenta.  The throat is a medley of citrus; crimped double edge of white and purple. BC18, 3-way branching. My smallest introduction so far, it can be quite blue.  (The name was chosen in honor of my blue-eyed mother, Miriam Skopin, who kept expressing gratitude even when she had Alzheimer’s. She expressed appreciation when she was helped, and through her life: how she attended to each person she was with, her skill at listening, the photographs that captured the beauty she saw, the music she played and enjoyed. Thank you.)
The third photo is by Betty Jacobs, in Bakersfield, California, used with permission. The other photos are mine; the last photo shows some rare doubling and is particularly blue.
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