For the Love of God
(DF $15)

(Ansari 2012) A168A (Destined to See x Captain Blue)  Tet, Ev, EMRe, 28” scape, 7” flower, rose orchid petals, lighter sepals, washed and veined blue violet eye with a feathered red violet edge and a lighter inner watermark, with veins continuing through into the yellow to green throat; raised white midribs split the eye; outer edge is red-violet, blue-violet, white. UF Spatulate. 4-way branching, BC 22-28, fertile both ways.

Click the play button to hear "Rumi Blues," whose refrain, "For the Love of God," is the inspiration for this daylily's name and the reason for hybridizing daylilies in the first place. I love this song; another of my introductions is named for it. Rumi Blues is composed by Allaudin Mathieu, and sung by the late Bob Maize, may God bless him, with the Sufi Choir. My husband, Huzur, was playing clarinet. It's available through, The Sufi Choir ("The Blue Album," 1973) (played here with permission). Third photo (lower left on a large screen) by Kirsten Hatfield, outside in Ohio. Other photos are mine.

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