Infinitely Interrelated (Ansari 2015) Infinitely Interrelated (Ansari 2015)

Infinitely Interrelated
(SF $100, very limited)

(Ansari 2015) E045A (Tully Mars x Victorian Garden Heaven’s Applause) height 28 in (66 cm), bloom 6 in (15 cm), season ERe, Sev, Tet, BC20, BR3, Peach lavender, multiple layered eye pattern of violet and metallic blue with rings and chevrons, petal and sepal; green to yellow throat; easily fertile. Less pattern on the petals when its very hot. Third photo by Chris Furlow in Louisiana. Fourth photo by Rich Howard in Connecticut. Photo below by Kirsten Hatfield in Ohio .(All photos used with permission.) Other photos are mine.

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