Journey Inward
(DF $15)

(Ansari 2012) B048E (Lighter Than Air x Dress Blues) Tet, Sev, EMRe, 29” scape, 5” flower. Rich orchid petals with a washed and veined blue eye, with a feathered edge; eye extends along veins to make the outline of eye irregular and more feathered; veins continue inward into the lemon yellow to green throat; raised white midrib creates a notch in the eye at the center of each petal. Edge is red-violet, blue, and white. 3-way branching, BC 13-18, fertile both ways. Second photo (top right usually), is by Michael Bouman, showing how different the look is in Missouri growing conditions. Third photo (bottom left usually) is by Kenny Minder, growing in Kentucky (both photos used with permission). Other photos are mine.

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