Love Is Listening
(DF $20)

(Ansari 2017)
(D623A) D623A (Screen Pattern x [Linda Sierra x Bluegrass Music]) (from the same pod as Nondenominational Angels)  height 26 in, bloom 5.5 in, Sev, season ERe, Tetraploid, BC15 BR3. Lavender pink with a lightly veined patterned eye of blue violet and fuchsia purple eye above a medley of citrus colors in the throat; the complexity of the pattern is weather-dependent.  Lightly ruffled picotée edge with shades of lavender and goldOutlined midribs sparkle out from the eye like chiming harmonics. 

First 3 photos from my cool climate garden, last 3 photos by Michael Bouman in the St. Louis area (thank you, Michaael, for the photos and for the help wordcrafting this description).  EMO, opens flat. Fertile both ways.

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