Pillow Conversation (Ansari 2014) Pillow Conversation Pillow Conversation Pillow Conversation

Pillow Conversation
(Ansari 2014) D1047A (Snow Crystal x Intimate Moment) Tet, EMRe, Dormant (go figure!), 28" scape, 5.25" flower, with the gorgeous form and scape of Snow Crystal, and clear lavender pink (sometimes very pale) and Intimate Moment's hints of blue at midrib and edge, this fluffy dream of a flower encourages expressions of deep personal affection! Voluptuously ruffled blue-lavender and gold edge, and a surprisingly sudden peak experience on the creamy midribs as they emerge from a subtle bluish halo.  The blossom’s center is a tasty blend of lemon to lime in the deepest recesses. BC20-30, 4-way branching, EMO.  Very fertile both ways. Photos are mine, the last photo was its first flower open in the field.
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