Rivers of Kisses, extra petal Rivers of Kisses, showing its teeth  

Rivers of Kisses
(Ansari 2014)
 D960B (Magnificent Hummingbird x unknown) Tet, ERe, Sev, 26" scape, 7+" pale lavender pink open form with a rushing current of eye color from the throat, green to yellow to sky blue to blue violet to mulberry, patterned with veining, feathered as it kisses the petal, cresting over a slightly lighter midrib, with the pattern continuing onto the sepals. The tri-color petal edge is dark violet, blue violet and white, showing teeth in warmer weather. Mis sometimes are cristate. Flowers are often over 7”; easily pod fertile, not sure pollen is fertile (parent Magnificent Hummingbird doesn’t have fertile pollen). BC 24, BR4. The name was inspired by Bilal Hyde, teaching about how love overcomes grief: Being blessed by God feels like this: Rivers of kisses flowing over your soul. No grief can hold it back. No fear can ever stop it. It covers you all over and drowns you in oceans of divine love.”  Photos are mine except for the next to last one, which is by Kenny Minder in Kentucky.
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