There are many pages with incorrect prices on this website; the prices on the Word document are closest to accurate. Prices are for double fans unless noted SF for single fan. If you want to buy a single fan of a variety that is $10 or more, you can generally pay half the double-fan price (shipping stays the same price); confirm with Subhana. It is currently easiest to order by sending me an email at subhana@att.net or calling 510-480-5607. We prefer calls between the hours of 10 AM-10 PM, Pacific Time. Please leave a detailed message with your phone number if I'm not available to answer your call. There is no minimum for orders within the U.S.; the minimum order internationally is $300. Payment can be made by check, money order, or PayPal. (we can accept payment via credit card through PayPal, I believe this is still true whether or not you have a PayPal account.) Please make checks payable to Subhana Ansari.

Shipping Policy

Plants that are shipped will have leaves trimmed and roots washed, and will be sent bareroot.  We don't usually trim roots, but can if you want to reduce the weight for an international order.

Within the United States, we ship by USPS Priority Mail, usually either a medium flat rate box that will hold about 3 DF and maybe a SF ($12.40) or a large flat rate box that can hold about 8 DF ($17.05). For slightly larger orders we often use multiple large flat boxes. For very large orders, we use $10 for the first two plants, $2 for each additional.  If you are just getting one plant and a bonus, its still $10 for the first two plants.  Contact us if you have questions. International orders must be over $300, and will include an additional charge for a phytosanitary certificate which is now a minimum of $75 (cost based on the number of plants); on international orders, you pay actual shipping costs. Our nursery is inspected, a requirement for the phyto for many countries (we pay for the inspections as well as for the certificate). Many international orders require a prolonged period of inspections before shipping; please check with us well before your desired shipping date.

**Please let us know when you would like your plants shipped to you.**


Our primary bonus is generous divisions of healthy plants. When we can we include an extra fan on a DF. You can help select an additional bonus plant worth 20% of your order's value (before shipping costs are added). Please confirm availability with us.


All plants we ship are freshly dug from our state-licensed and inspected nursery, of a size large enough to produce blooms, of a variety true to name. We maintain preventative measures to avoid daylily rust, but even with this rigorous approach, we cannot guarantee absence of rust for our plants in other locations. If you are unhappy with the plants you receive, please return them immediately (before planting) for full credit (refund or replacement).