The Presence
(SF $35)

(Ansari 2012) D1265H (Don Herrell x Dual Treasures) Tet, Sev, EMRe, 24"-29” scape, 5.5” flowers. Rose orchid petals, washed eye, from light green to lemon yellow throat, to blue, blue-lavender, red violet feathered pencil line edge; ruffled outer edge is red violet, blue lavender, white; raised white midrib; 2-way branching, BC 14-20,  fertile both ways.

Click the play button to hear "Shower of Nectar," from the album, "The Presence," which is the translation of my husband Huzur's name and a beautiful manifestation of his gift of music. Music attached with his permission; the album is available from CD Baby:, HUZUR, The Presence.
(Photos are mine, but I don't think they're as blue as the flower is in person.)
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