Unexpected Grace (Ansari 2015)      Unexpected Grace (Ansari 2015)   Unexpected  Grace (Ansari 2015)

Unexpected Grace
(SF$60 limited)

(Ansari 2015) D1311C (Cosmic Odyssey x Blue Beat). Height 28 in. (71 cm), bloom 5.5 in. (14 cm), season EMRe, Sev/Dor, Tet, BC 18, BR 3, Dusty rose, blue lavender eye and edge, often with rings and ripples, gradations of color. Pattern can vary, may have orange tones near the throat, red-violet outer line, veins, highlighted midribs. Ruffled purple and white edge; very green throat.  Fertile both ways. First and last photos are by Paul vanMechelen, Belgium, used with permission. Third photo is by Michael Bouman, used with permission. Other photos are mine.

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