Flourishing Daylilies: Incredible Daylilies with Fancy Edges

Prices are for a double fan (DF) unless otherwise noted. Single fans are available on varieties over $10 ; shipping is the same cost either way. (Apologies; this page is very much in need of updating.)

Adamas (DF$8)

Aesthetic Ballet ($12)

Awesome Blossom (DF$7)


Barbara Dittmer (DF$9)

Calico Jack (DF$6)

Canadian Border Patrol (DF$6)

Clothed in Glory (DF$12)

Cryptic Message (DF$6)

   Dilemma (DF$20)


Fanciful Favorite (DF$7)

Felecia Grace

Forbidden Desires (DF$8)


Fortune's Dearest (DF$10)

Good Morning America (DF$7)

Grateful Heart - display


It's A Miracle - display


Make Believe Magic display

Mildred Mitchell (DF$13)
Nectar of the Nile (DF$6) 

Rushing Delight - display

Sea of Cortez (DF$10)



Steve Trimmer (DF $8)


Victorian Principles (DF$6)


Wyoming Wildfire (DF$7)


Most photos courtesy of Maryott's Gardens.  Click on the image or variety name for specifics on photos and plants.
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