Flourishing: Dwarf Daylilies and those with Smaller Flowers

Daylilies with flowers smaller than 4 inches; not all are short! Prices are for a double fan (DF). Single fans available on varieties over $10; shipping the same either way.
A Gift for Gratitude (Ansari 2014)
A Gift for Gratitude
(3.75") DF$50

All Star Edition
(3.75") SF$20

Andy Candy (3.75") display

Arcane Crystal
(3.75") SF$25

Awesome Candy (3.5") DF$8

Azure Butterfly (4") DF$35

Barbara Dittmer (3.75") DF$9

Barbary Corsair (3") display

Blue Sky Baby
(4") DF$25
Bluebird Butterfly (4") display
Blue-Capped Cordon-Bleu
(4") SF$30

Bluegrass Music (4") DF$30

Boogie Woogie Blues (2.87") DF$25

Bowl of Cherries
(3.75") DF$6

Broadway Attraction (2.75") DF$7


Broadway Elf (2.75") display

Broadway Opening
(2.87") DF$15
Caribbean Blue (4") SF$15
Cherry Valentine
(4") DF$6

(4") DF$15

Colorado Moon Fire
(3.5") display

Coming Up Roses
(3.5") DF$4

Crystal Singer (4") DF$6

Curious Cutie
(3.75") DF$25

Dazzle (4") DF$5 

Eskimo Kisses (4") display

Finding Blue
(3") display
Fractal (4") display
Freedom in Flight
(3") display

Keltic Blush
(4") DF$8

Lake Tahoe
(3.5") SF$35

Ledgewood's Calico Blues

Lil Red Wagon (3.25") DF$15

Little Jet Setter
(2.875") DF$20
Little Peter Piper (3") DF$15

Little Seasprite
(2.95") DF$35

Little Show Stopper (2.5") - display

Little Watercolor
  (3") display

Magician's Apprentice

Metro Blue

Micro Dots (2.38") DF$8

Mister Lucky (3.75") display

Night Beacon (4") - display

Pacific Moon
(4") DF$10

Plum Foolish
(4") SF$17
Pugsley (2.94") DF$9
Razzle (3.75")- display

Scout's Honor
(3.75") DF$20
Seeing Blue (3") $30
Small Gesture
(2.5") DF$8
Something Angelic (4") DF$12
Song of Singapore (4") DF$5
Southern Blues (2.875") DF$25

Spacecoast Tiny Perfection (2.875") DF$8

Spring Garden Greetings (4") display

Star Child
(3.5") $25

Sweet Stuff
(3.25") DF$7

Tet Blue Oasis
(3.5") SF$60

Tet Crystal Blue Persuasion
(3") SF$35

Tet Devil's Footprint
(3.25") display

Tet Impish Delight
(3.5") DF$20

Tet Mystic Mariner
(3.5") $30

Tet Out of the Blue
(3") SF$40

Tet Seeing Blue
(3") display

Tet Siloam Gum Drop
(3.13") DF $20)

Tropical Delight (2")

True Blue Heart (3.75") DF$7

Two Part Harmony (
4") DF$8

Two to Tango
(3") DF$7

Westbourne Hazy Lazy Days of Summer

Westbourne Hummingbird's Delight

You Angel You (2")


Many photos courtesy of the hybridizer.  Click on the image or variety name that are underlined for specifics on photos and plants. For more details on the plants and most accurate prices and availability,  refer to Flourishing Daylilies Price List in Word. Return to Flourishing Daylilies Home Page.