Intimate Moment

(Ansari 2012) B087A (Beauty of the King x Doyle Pierce) Tet, Ev, EMRe, 27” scapes, 5.5” flowers, lavender petals, blue eye; red-violet, blue, white ruffled edge, fertile both ways, BC 13-18, 3-way. (Photo upper left by Kirsten Hatfield, Ohio; bottom left by Elaine Seifert, Indiana; bottom right by Zora Ronan, Iowa, so its hardy; photos used with permission; upper right photo is mine.) I knew this flower was likely to be an introduction the first time I saw it bloom years ago. I was tremendously excited, brought the flower home from the field, posted its photo on Facebook. I've used it ever since in my hybridizing. I have four introductions with it as a parent: with Snow Crystal in Pillow Conversation; with Judy Farquhar in Connected to Love, with Rings of Wonder in One Night Pollination, and now its sib, Awake Until Dawn.  I consider it a love affair with daylilies. Intimate Moment is ruffled, has lots of blue, is very fertile, making beautiful seedlings, increases very well. 

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